Our Good News!!

While I haven’t had any of the traditional pregnancy symptoms, I was supposed to get my period today (I didn’t). I decided not to get my hopes up, but to take the Clear Blue digital test I had leftover from last time.

I got home a few minutes before Geoff, so I quickly took the test, then left the stick in the bathroom, shut the door and paced around in the kitchen for the three minute waiting period. When the time was up, I went in to take a peek, and…

Clear Blue Test

I couldn’t believe it. Geoff walked in the door a few minutes later and I basically pounced on him and told him our good news. He was disbelieving at first, but so, so happy and excited. He couldn’t stop smiling, which melted my heart a little. Now we get to tell our families, which is going to be so much fun!

How did you announce your pregnancy to your family?

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