Due Date Discrepancy

As soon as I found out I was preggo I found a calculator online that tells you when you are due. It asks you when your last period was and how long your cycles normally are, and pops out your due date. I was happy to find that we are due on November 28, 2013, which is Thanksgiving! How fun is that? It also comes along with a couple extra vacation days for Geoff since it is on a holiday.

Then at my first doctor appointment my doctor calculated our due date as November 30, 2013. I was confused by why the numbers were different, but my doctor explained that the date is based off of the average cycle length (28 days). Even though my cycles are two days shorter than the average , the only number that they base the due date off of is the first day of my last period. She also said that the only time they really ever change someone’s due date is if it is off by over a week, which mine is not.

In my head (and this is probably what I will tell everyone when the time comes) I’m due on Thanksgiving. It may be two days earlier than when the doctor says, but it is based off of more information about me, not just a number on a chart. And who knows what day the baby really will be born, right? So I’m sticking with Thanksgiving.

Did anyone else run into due date differences? Which one did you end up thinking of as your “real” due date?

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