Telling our families

We were so excited to tell our families about our good news, but I wanted to come up with a creative way to go about it. Since Easter was only a week away, we decided to put together tiny Easter baskets with only pink and blue things in it. We used Baby Ruth bite size candy bars, baby M&Ms in plastic pink and blue eggs, and other various “baby” sized candies. We also included a baby item in each of the two baskets. Geoff’s parents’ basket had a pair of newborn hats in it (one that looked like a duck – so cute!) and my parents’ basket had a pair of baby socks with ducklings on them (adorable and so tiny!).

Geoff’s parents live in Milwaukee only a few miles from us, and we had planned on spending Easter with them, but now our plans had changed. We decided to tell them first, and we would give them the basket as an apology for having to cancel on them to go spend Easter in Minnesota with my family.

Oh, and did I mention we decided to record it?

Then we had to wait an entire week before we headed off to Minnesota to tell my family. When we arrived only parents were home, so we pulled out the basket. Here’s what happened:

My siblings weren’t around that night, so we decided to tell them the next morning. I needed another creative way to tell them, so we decided to take a bun, put a toothpick in it with a note, and put it in the oven for them to discover. This time my plan did not go so smoothly.

My sister woke up first, so I tried to get her to look in the oven by pretending like I didn’t know how to use it (even though I wasn’t cooking anything). She found the bun, pulled it out and looked at us like we were crazy. We tried to prompt her with things like, “what is that?” Her response: “A roll… ?” She finally got it when my mom asked her where she found it: “In the oven… a bun… in the OVEN!”

My brother had a little harder of a time figuring out what we were talking about. His response to our questions: “A roll… ? Bread?” Until he finally understood. Apparently there is a big difference between a bun and a roll!

A "Roll" in the Oven

A “Roll” in the Oven

Since it was Easter, the Easter Bunny obviously came on Sunday morning, and he must have heard we were expecting because there were some baby items in our baskets! He left Pat the Bunny (the inspiration for my blog name!) in my basket, and some Minnesota Twins pacifiers in Geoff’s basket. He must not have known that the little one is already a Brewers fan!

Minnesota Twins Pacifiers

How did you tell your family you were pregnant?

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