Baby’s First Photo

Before I tell you the whole story, I have to tell you the news:

We had our first ultrasound, and got to see our baby’s heart beating!!

I had been counting down to this appointment all week, and I couldn’t believe it when the day finally arrived. I was so distracted all day, and I just kept looking at the clock wishing time would go faster.

My appointment was at 11:30, and before you go in you have to drink 32 oz of water within a half hour so that your bladder is full (makes everything easier to see). At 10:00, I filled up my water bottle and chugged it. Then refilled and decided to sip the second one for the rest of the time period. At 10:25 I already had to pee. Then I looked at my calendar appointment, and realized that I wasn’t supposed to drink all that water until 10:30! I was so excited that I jumped the gun by a half hour! I quickly went to the restroom and then started drinking another 32 oz of water.

By the time I left the office just after 11:00 I thought my bladder was going to burst! I had a horrible drive to the imaging center, where I met Geoff. They then made us wait for a few minutes (seemed like 100 years of agony) until they brought us into the ultrasound room.

Once we got in there, the ultrasound tech squeezed that cold jelly stuff on my belly and pressed the ultrasound machine directly on my bladder, which is apparently where the baby is hanging out. As soon as she pointed out the baby I completely forgot about how much I needed to pee and just watched as she took tons of pictures to measure everything. The highlight of this was when she pointed out our baby’s heartbeat! It is so weird to think about, that a tiny little person’s heart is beating inside of me right now. And yes, as my family members are asking me, it definitely made it more real.

As soon as we were done, the tech wiped the jelly off my belly and pointed me in the direction of the restroom while she left to show all the measurements to a radiologist to make sure everything was fine (it was). Feeling much better, I returned to the room, where Geoff was sitting holding our baby’s first photo – a sonogram 🙂

I’m so happy.

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