Mothers (to-be) Day, Gardening and The Bump

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers (and mothers-to-be) Day! I had a great weekend with my hubby, who took me to the mall, the movies (we saw Iron Man 3), brought me breakfast in bed and got me a gift certificate to the spa for a pre-natal massage! I’ve never had a massage (of any kind), so I’m super excited.

My parents sent me an adorable card, and my in-laws gave me a rose – so pretty! My co-worker also bought me some flowers and gave me a nice card, which was so sweet.


I have spent a lot of my time the last few weeks in our gardens. Since we moved into our home in October, we weren’t exactly sure what was going to pop up this year, so I was pleasantly surprised by all the beautiful, well-maintained plants that have sprouted this spring!  We have lots of tulips and daffodils, hostas, peonies, hydrangeas, irises, a hibiscus tree, a magnolia tree, and some other flowering bushes that are gorgeous. We also have a flowering tree in our front yard that is full of pretty pink/purple flowers right now, but is starting to drop the petals and have buds show up.


Last but not least, I’ve enlisted Geoff to help with my bump photos, so there won’t be anymore selfie/mirror pics anymore. I’m also going to wear the same striped shirt until I can’t fit into it anymore so it is easier to tell the difference. Now we just have to figure out how to take the photos at the same angle each week because it looks like my bump shrunk a little from last week to this week!

Week 11

Week 11

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