Week 13 Update

Oh, hello second trimester. You arrived quickly!

I’m sorry I missed out on a bump photo last week – I’m terrible at remembering to take them! I’ll try to remember this weekend. I am literally counting the hours until the weekend since it is a four day weekend for us (Memorial Day on Monday, PTO on Tuesday). We have two Brewers games, a graduation/80’s dance party and lots of relaxing to do.

I also am going to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress this weekend. Not really sure how that is going to work, but cross your fingers for me! Originally when I went to get fitted, I took a pregnancy test before I left for the appointment but the results were negative, so I went ahead and ordered my size 8.

Three days later I took another (positive) test, so I ended up canceling my dress order with the plan to get remeasured at the latest possible date and put a rush on it.

Well, the latest possible date is the end of May, and the bridal shop is about an hour or so away from where I live, so I pretty much need to go up there sometime this weekend. While I do have a tiny bump and my boobs are bigger, I don’t think I’m that much larger than I was before… Hopefully they can provide some guidance as to how many sizes up I should get to make sure I don’t look ridiculous! How big do you think I should get my dress to make sure it fits?

In other news, we’ve scheduled our ultrasound to determine gender for July 17. Only 7 weeks and 6 days to go… Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?

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