Pregnant women are delicious

I am extremely, extremely allergic to mosquitoes. Normal people just get a tiny, annoyingly itchy bump for a few days and then it fades away. Mine look like tumors. Big, red, ugly tumors that keep me up at night because they itch so bad. I even get scars from them!

I also think that mosquitoes know this about me, so they actively seek me out and avoid others. Seriously. We can hang out by a bonfire and no one else will get a single bite while I’m covered in welts. Then I saw this in one of my pregnancy books the other day:

Pregnant Women Are Delicious
My doctor gave me some cream to put on the bites that help them go away faster, but it does nothing to help relieve the itchiness. In the past I have used Caladryl Clear, which has seemed to help a little, paired with my daily cetirizine (generic Zyrtec). Luckily my doctor has cleared me to continue to use those while I’m pregnant. I can usually get through the summer with only one or two bites, but the hard part comes when we go camping.

Every year we go on a camping trip with 10-20 of our friends, and it is a blast. We swim, play games and eat during the day, then party around a bonfire all night. I’ll be honest, things get a little weird. It will be interesting to be the only sober one there this year! I do load up on the bug spray, but I just cannot get those little buggers to leave me alone!

This year, I’m prepared to go “comfy camping.” I’ve been convincing Geoff to purchase comfortable camping items throughout the past year, and I’m so happy I did! Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to be pregnant and sleeping on the ground?

We got a brand new tent that is one giant screen, plus the rain fly that creates an extra little vestibule area in the front of the tent, two cots and a new sleeping bag for me. I have never had my own sleeping bag, so I was pretty pumped when I got mine and actually fell asleep in it on the couch! Geoff was nice enough to snap a picture of me. Thanks for that, Geoff.

Did you go camping while you were pregnant? Did you get more mosquito bites than everyone else?

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