Nursery In-Progress

Another jam-packed weekend has come and gone, and I feel like so much got done that I can’t remember everything we did!

I’ll start from the beginning. My parents came into town on Friday, and started clearing out the stuff from our office/guest room so that we can start to turn it into a nursery. Most of the stuff is going to my little brother, who is moving back to college next weekend, so the timing was perfect. We cleared out the room and got the first coat of paint on the walls on Friday night, which got me really excited.

My hibiscus tree is blooming!

My hibiscus tree is blooming!

On Saturday everyone got up early and got right to work. Geoff and his dad put a new window in the bathroom (we are so close to being done remodeling that room that I can taste it!) and the finished product looks beautiful. Meanwhile, my dad put another coat of paint on the nursery walls and brought in a dresser and the crib they bought for us, which I love! While all of that was going on, I ran to the grocery store to pick up some lunch to feed everyone and Ace Hardware to get some yard bags. When I got back, my mom and I (but mostly just my mom) went through all my gardens and took out all the weeds, trimmed plants that needed trimming, and even helped re-plant a few rhododendrons that had to be potted when we built the deck.

Geoff and I had to leave early in the afternoon to head out to a pedal tavern with our friends, and I literally could not stop my mom from working on projects around the yard, so we left her to it and went to meet our friends. Luckily, being preggo, I did not have to pedal on the pedal tavern, so I just got to hang out on the bench in the back. Everyone got a little tipsy wipsy, and even though I wasn’t drinking it was such a good time.

After we pedaled back to the bar where we started Geoff and I left to go over to his parents’ house to celebrate their anniversary with a cookout. While we were there, his grandma gave us a baby present – an Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers onesie jersey! I have no idea how she found it, because I cannot even find a picture of what it looks like online. It is made of jersey material and is actually from the NFL Pro line – so cute!

Sunday we took the day off (HAHAHA just kidding). Actually, we got up and had a quick breakfast, said goodbye (and THANK YOU) to my parents, then set up the crib. It looks SO GOOD. We obviously will need a mattress and sheets and stuff, but we have plenty of time for all that. I snapped a pic so you can see the crib and wall color. What do you think?


Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Crib in Simply White, paint color is Sherwin Williams Crystal Clear

It was the last day of the State Fair, so Geoff and I headed over for a few hours. I didn’t eat anything weird (we opted for the baked potatoes and corn on the cob over the deep fried cookie dough and chocolate covered bacon on a stick), but everything was delicious. I was feeling pretty worn out after that, so I plopped on the couch for some reality TV while Geoff headed down to the beach for volleyball, which brought an end to our crazy weekend.

Even though it was a lot of work in such a small period of time, my garden looks beautiful, the nursery is coming together, and I can’t thank my parents enough for everything they did this weekend!

One thought on “Nursery In-Progress

  1. It was such a wonderful weekend! Got to help prepare our little Grandson’s room and even feel him kick – so cool! And it truly is the ordinary things in life that are the most special to us – hanging out, working in the garden, being together . . . the best.

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