Baby brain strikes again!

For those of you who don’t think that baby brain is a real thing, consider the following.

I’ve been so busy at work that I am just now getting to eat lunch (it’s 2:00), so I heated up some soup with what I thought was boiling water from the machine in the kitchen. As I quickly found out when I took my first bite, that was not the case. I had accidentally selected the  ice cold water button when I filled up my bowl.

All was not lost, so I grabbed my almost-overflowing soup bowl and started the treacherous climb up the stairs to the floor of our office that has the lunch room so I could heat it up in the microwave.

I get to the top of the stairs before I realized I forgot my keycard, which allows me to access each floor of our building. So I had to call someone on the floor to come and let me in while standing in the hallway with my soup.

I finally made it to the lunch room, heated up my soup, and then began to navigate back down to my floor. It sounds easier than it actually is, since it requires going through five sets of doors – really hard when you are carrying extremely hot soup!

Luckily at the third door I ran into a very helpful co-worker who actually followed me to my office with her keypass to make sure I didn’t have to open any more doors or get locked out of my floor.

What I learned from this: soup is stupid. Order lunch instead.

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