Happy birthday to me, now I’m off to the DMV!

Surprise! It’s my birthday! I came into work today and found this lovely little surprise waiting for me. Did I mention that I love my coworkers?

After I scarfed the cookie I got sucked into work, and I’ve been so busy lately that due to a combination of stress and baby brain I completely forgot it was my birthday. Not only did I forget that today is my birthday, I forgot what day it is. I literally could not remember the date of my birth.

Solution: eat a cupcake to remind myself that it is, indeed, my birthday.

Another joy of having a birthday roll around is that my license expires today, which meant that I needed to make the dreaded trip to the DMV. I hate it there. Sitting in icky chairs surrounded by sick people coughing on you while you wait to get a photo taken of you that can only be described as terrible, even under the best of circumstances. Now add in the fact that I’m 8 months pregnant and my face is puffy and swollen (although I seem to be the only one who notices this), and you have one unhappy Jenny.

In the end, my photo turned out looking sort of like an alien. My hair and makeup are weirdly perfect since I was trying so hard to make up for the puffy face, and the angle at which the took the photo makes the top of my head look skinny and my chin look fat, so my head is sort of triangle-shaped. Super cute.

Solution: eat another cupcake and remind myself that calories totally don’t count on your birthday.

Pumpkin CheesecakePlus I have tonight’s dinner to the Cheesecake Factory to look forward to. Geoff and I don’t go on too many sit-down dinner dates, so it will be fun. Plus I’m totally getting the pumpkin cheesecake (don’t judge me – calories don’t count today, remember?).

Doesn’t it look amazing? I only get it once a  year since it is seasonal, but it is well worth the wait. Go get a piece while you still can!

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