So it turns out that the doctor thought we had a bili-blanket for some reason, and that is why they were going to have us wait until tomorrow to do another blood draw. When I called to correct them they had us bring poor little Henry into the office this morning to test his bilirubin levels again. So much for a day without a doctor visit, I guess!

Anyway, we just got the results back, and his levels have dropped again! He was at 13.2 yesterday and now he is at 10.9. And that is without a bili-blanket and basically without sunlight (it has been foggy/rainy the past few days). What that means is that Henry doesn’t have to go to the doctor until his regular two week checkup next week! Hooray!

In other news, Geoff went back to the office from about 9-3:00 today, which meant I had little Henry all to myself. I was pretty nervous for Geoff to leave, since he has been such a huge help with everything, but I’d say everything went pretty smoothly considering. Not that I’m ready for him to head back to the office full-time yet, but at least I know I can do it when the time comes.

Thanks for all the love, support and well wishes over the past week. It is very much appreciated!

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