Time flies…

I can’t believe it has been over two months since Henry was born. It seems like he has been a part of our lives forever, yet it feels like just yesterday that we were heading to the hospital to meet him.

We have been spending all of our time snuggling, smiling and playing, but I apologize for not posting more. Every time I think about sitting down to start a post it just seems like it would take precious time away that I could be spending with Henry. So I decided that I’m officially taking a break from blogging (for now).

Until I write again, here’s a photo of Henry now that he has started to fill out. I’m guessing he weighs about 12 pounds now, though we’ll find out his official weight later this week at his two-month checkup.

One thought on “Time flies…

  1. Thank you for letting us have a peek into your world as you travelled through this unknown territory. I’ve loved reading every bit! Now go take care of you, and of Geoff, and little Henry. You’re a wonderful momma, and we’re so excited for all that is to come!
    Love and Hugs,

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