Henry’s Helmet: Decoration Edition!

After we got Henry’s Doc Band we knew we really wanted to decorate it, so I did some searching online for ideas. I ended up finding someone who does amazing work, but charges kind of a lot for it. Plus I would have had to ship the helmet overnight both ways and Henry would’ve been without his helmet for at least 24-48 hours. Not ideal.

Instead, I sent an email out at work looking for someone who could do something similar, and one of my coworkers volunteered. Not only did she paint the helmet in less than 8 hours, she did an AMAZING job. I can’t believe how well the band turned out, and we are so grateful to her for decorating it for us.

When we got the helmet back we let the paint dry for a little bit and then let Henry sleep in it that night. Unfortunately the paint chipped a little bit while he was sleeping, so we put a couple layers of Mod Podge on top of the paint and that seems to be keeping it from chipping. We’ll probably have to do some touching up over the next 8-10 weeks, but Henry’s band is so awesome that I don’t care!

Here are some pictures of how it turned out. We got the idea from the movie UP.

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