Eleven months old!

Height: Haven’t measured lately but I’m quickly approaching 3 feet!
 I’d guess I’m probably still hovering around 25 lbs

Things I like: My bear is my favorite. I carry him everywhere and he helps me go to sleep. I also really like it when mama and dada read books to me.

Things I don’t like: I still don’t like getting dressed, and I also really don’t like to take naps. I usually don’t get that upset though – I just have a quick chat with Bear to calm myself down before I fall asleep.

Milestones: Watch out mom and dad – I took my first steps! I learned how to say “beh” (bear) and “baba” (bottle) this month! I also learned the sign for “all done.” Unfortunately, I got my first ear infections this month, too – no fun.

Videos from this month:


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