Height: 32″
 25.5 lbs

Things I like: My favorite game is when mommy and daddy chase me and try to “get” me. I run away really fast but then I let them catch me because they tickle me and it is really fun. I also really love to shake maracas! Daycare has a maraca and I love it so much that I don’t let anyone else play with it. I was really happy when I woke up this morning because mommy and daddy gave me my very own maracas for my birthday! But even though I really love my maracas, I still love Bear the best. P.S. Mom, I can tell the difference between Bear and that imposter Bear you got me for where when real Bear has to go in the wash.

Things I don’t like: Putting on my winter clothes. Mommy and daddy say I have to wear my hat, mittens and coat to stay warm when we go outside, but I don’t like them because they make it hard for me to move around and play with toys. I look pretty cute when I’m all bundled up, though.

Milestones: I’m one year old! I learned that if I point at stuff and say “eh!” or “my!” that mommy and daddy will bring me wherever I want to go (usually to turn off a lightswitch or to pull on the freezer door or things like that). I’m SOOOOO big, and I walk everywhere like a champ. Plus I am really good at using the signs for “bottle” and “all done.” I refuse to sign “please.” Mommy and daddy think I signed “thank you” one time, but I was actually trying to blow mommy a kiss 🙂

Videos from this month:

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