Henry update: 13-14 months old

Whoops! We skipped the 13 month post (which fell on Christmas Day). We were on a long break from work and went on two trips – one to Minnesota and one to Door County, which means we didn’t have time to post! So here’s a combo post including everything since Henry turned one.

Things I like: Brushing my teeth (I have 14!) and playing with Eva (kitty, aka “EEeeee…”). My new favorite thing is to throw my baseball (or really any type of ball). I like it so much that I even started saying, “ball… ball… ball…” whenever I see one. I love to read bedtime stories, and sometimes I will even sit still for an entire book.

Things I don’t like: Constantly being sick. Please make the runny noses stop!

Milestones: Learned the signs for EAT, MORE and PLEASE. I also started shaking my head for NO and nodding for YES.

Videos from this month:

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