17-18 Months

I’m getting so big and so smart! I know so many words and names. I’m even starting to string words together (more please, help me, daddy walk). Now that the warmer is weather I’ve started playing outside a lot more, which means a lot of scrapes and bruises. I don’t cry much, but when I do all I need is a kiss on my boo boo and it makes it all better so I can keep playing.

Firsts: I got my first haircut, met a horse (named Twinkle), touched a fishy (not too sure about it), tried my fishing by myself, and ran through water fountains for the first time. Most importantly, I learned how to climb out of my crib. That made mommy and daddy nervous, so they got me a new big boy bed and—although it took me about a week to adjust to it—I am sleeping really well now. I even let them sleep in until 6:30 a.m. one time!

Videos from this month:


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