21-22 Months

By now you’ve heard the news – I’m going to be a big brother!! While I’m waiting for my little sister or brother to arrive, I like to give the baby kisses and rub mommy’s tummy to say “hi.” I even got in a little practice for when the baby comes when I met my new friend Johnny. I was very gentle with him because he is a brand new baby. Mommy held him and I helped to hold his feet! Johnny’s mommy and daddy even let me touch his baby hair 🙂

Besides the baby news, I’m just growing faster and faster! I’m speaking in short sentences, and my favorite things to say are, “no,” “stop it” and “don’t.” When the sun gets too bright for me, I say, “No no, sun! Stop it, sun!” and then mommy knows I need my hat/sunglasses. I love to sing, dance and play air guitar in my rocker stance with daddy. I like to pretend I’m a “diner” (dinosaur) and ROAR really loud to scare mommy and daddy.

My favorite toy is still Bear, and I love to bring him everywhere with me. Every night when I go to bed I snuggle up with him while we read books. After we’re done reading, we climb in bed and sign/say “luboo” (love you) to mommy and daddy, and then we “boop” our fingers together to say goodnight.

Videos from this month:

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