23 Months/Week 19



I’m a talking machine. I’m really starting to be able to speak in full sentences and express what I want. I love to sing songs (Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, anything from Frozen) and dance/skip around. I am starting to potty train and so far it has been pretty successful (especially when mommy and daddy read me the Potty Book). I like to play with trains – my favorite is Percy from Thomas and Friends – and I like to take him with me in my pocket when we go in the car. I’m also getting a jump on helping around the house – I love to vacuum! I like to do things by myself now, especially going up and down the stairs. I make mommy and daddy wait at the top/bottom while I go up/down (“Stop it! Stay!”). Now that mommy has a baby in her tummy I have become very interested in other babies, and make sure I say hi/good morning to the baby everyday.

Baby P:

The baby is moving and kicking, but only I can feel it at this point. I feel a lot better than I did in my first trimester and have a lot more energy, though baby brain has definitely set in! I sometimes say the wrong word (I’ll say “grapes” when I really mean “banana”) or else I’ll completely forget that I asked Geoff a question two minutes prior and I’ll ask him two more times before I remember what he said (he always patiently tells me the answer each time no matter how many times I ask).

We are so excited to find out if Baby P is a boy or a girl next week!! If you haven’t already, please take our poll to let us know which you think it will be. Here are a few old wives’ tales to help you decide: I’m carrying right in the middle (inconclusive), I had some morning sickness this pregnancy compared to only nausea last time (girl), the baby’s heart rate is in the 130s (boy), I’m craving sweets (girl), I have dry skin (boy), I’m cold all the time (boy), the Chinese gender chart says girl, and Henry tells me he is getting a sister. For the record, Geoff thinks girl and I think boy.

We will find out on November 3 and will be surprising our families with a mini gender reveal party that night. Then we’ll announce it to the world later in the week, so check back to see if we’re having a girl or a boy!

Videos from this month:

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