Meet the Family

She’s a senior designer from the Twin Cities. He’s a project leader and engineer from Milwaukee. She’s creative, loves reading, sipping a latte (hot or iced) by the lake, anything Disney, snowball fights and reality TV. He’s logical, enjoys soccer, volleyball, camping—basically anything outdoors—and hates reality TV.

We met during our freshman year of college while living on the same floor in the lakeshore dorms at UW–Madison. Then we fell in love. In the whirlwind after that we graduated from college, moved in together, got married, moved to Milwaukee and bought our first home a few blocks away from the Lake Michigan. We quickly outgrew our adorable little 2-bedroom when we starting having babies, so we made the leap and built our dream home in 2017. 


First came our cat-baby named Eva, and she is a talkative little lady. Sometimes we think she is part dog (she plays fetch, comes when you call her and knows how to sit on command). The kids really want her to like them, but she isn’t the biggest fan mainly just tolerates/ignores them.


Henry arrived in November 2013. We were so blessed to have him after a year of trying to conceive, a miscarriage and a long pregnancy. He is such an intelligent, kind kid and is an amazing big brother. 


Ella arrived on St. Patrick’s day (which is appropriate, given that she’s got a lot of Irish blood in her veins)! She is adorable, stubborn and loves to sing silly songs. She adores her big brother and always wants to play with him.

Together, we make a pretty great team!

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