Geoff, Henry and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting Baby #2! Henry is very excited to be a big brother, and we can’t wait to be a family of FOUR!

I’m currently 14 weeks along (hello, second trimester), but here is the sonogram from a few weeks ago at our 8 week appointment. For the record, that’s a baby, not a shrimp.

So far my bump has been much more prominent than last time (click here for a comparison to 15 weeks with Henry). I haven’t taken many bumpies yet, but below are a couple from 13 weeks. I’ll add them here as we go so you can see them all in one spot. The ones from when I was pregnant with Henry are still up there, too.

So that’s the big news!! I’m way too busy with Henry to post weekly like I did last time (I mean, c’mon – I can barely keep up with the monthly posts), but I’ll do my best to post updates and new developments. Thanks to everyone who has sent us love and well wishes! Baby #2 is due March 22, 2016.

Stop growing up so fast!

15 months

Favorites: I love reading “Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site” before I go to bed. I am obsessed with songs that have hand motions, especially “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” I’ve even started singing my own rendition: “BWAAA BAHHH BWABAHHHHH.”

Milestones: I can understand pretty much everything people say to me (though I may choose to ignore it). I’m learning new signs to add to my vocabulary and started dancing along to music more often. I also got to go play at the Children’s Museum (Betty Brinn) for the first time and it was AMAZING. I really didn’t want to leave.

Videos from this month:

Henry update: 13-14 months old

Whoops! We skipped the 13 month post (which fell on Christmas Day). We were on a long break from work and went on two trips – one to Minnesota and one to Door County, which means we didn’t have time to post! So here’s a combo post including everything since Henry turned one.

Things I like: Brushing my teeth (I have 14!) and playing with Eva (kitty, aka “EEeeee…”). My new favorite thing is to throw my baseball (or really any type of ball). I like it so much that I even started saying, “ball… ball… ball…” whenever I see one. I love to read bedtime stories, and sometimes I will even sit still for an entire book.

Things I don’t like: Constantly being sick. Please make the runny noses stop!

Milestones: Learned the signs for EAT, MORE and PLEASE. I also started shaking my head for NO and nodding for YES.

Videos from this month: