Week 31: My Little Pineapple

I couldn’t decide between pineapple photos, so here’s a bonus one for this week.

Happy 8 months to me! Now I can officially say that I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy. I can’t believe there are only two more months to go.

The nursery is really coming together now, and I’m dying to show you what it looks like but I think I’m going to wait until we have it all put together before I post photos. We’ll see how long I can hold out.

I was sitting in there last night while Geoff assembled the changing table, imagining how it will be when little man is here – how I’ll rock him, change him, feed him and love the crap out of him in that nursery. It is such a weird feeling to know that he will be here soon.

We had a great time last weekend at our very first block party and we got to talk to a lot of the neighbors we hadn’t met yet. There are WAY more kids on the block than I originally thought, so that will be good for our little man when he arrives. After the block party we headed off to another first – a LEGO party! It was so much fun. Nick, our friend who hosted the party, sorted thousands of LEGOs into boxes by color, then let us dig in. We built houses, cars, airplanes, boats, and even a pirate ship. I had originally built Mr. and Mrs. Fancypants, which quickly turned into Geoff and I with the addition of a baby bump (courtesy of our friend Laura). I’m so happy Nick got this photo – I mean, seriously. It’s pretty awesome.

30 WeeksContinuing with our weekend fun, we have a wedding to go to this weekend (congrats Spencer and Betty!) as well as my first baby shower! It was supposed to be just my girlfriends from my hometown since I haven’t seen them in so long and they all have/are having kids (congrats Nikki and Kenny!) that I am dying to meet, but unfortunately most of them are unable to make it.

So instead of the whole high school group of girls my friend Cara is throwing me a mini shower with my mom, a few of the girls and maybe some of their moms. I’m getting so excited!

P.S. There’s a new bump photo on my See the Bump page! I took two different ones, so here’s a bonus one for you (like my new dress?).

This week according to What to Expect:

As your baby’s senses increase, his mommy’s breathing room decreases.

Your Baby in Week 31 of Pregnancy

Weighing in at three-plus pounds and measuring 18 inches long, your baby is quickly approaching his birth length — though he’s got to pack on another three to five pounds before D-day. Also developing at an impressive clip: your baby’s brain connections (he’s got to make trillions of them!). He’s now processing information, tracking light, and perceiving signals from all five senses. He’s also putting in longer stretches of sleep, which is why you’re probably noticing more defined patterns of wakefulness (and movement) and rest (when he’s pretty still).

Your Body in Week 31 of Pregnancy

Chances are your diaphragm is feeling a little cramped these days. Okay, a lot cramped. That’s because your uterus is pushing up against it (and all the other organs in there), crowding your lungs and making it more difficult for them to expand fully. The result: Your body is spare on air and will be until your baby drops near the end of pregnancy in preparation for birth. But don’t worry: Your baby is as happy as a clam because he’s getting his oxygen from the placenta.

Selfies + Bump = Bumpies!

I’m clearly the worst at remembering to take bumpies every week. I had all these great ideas of taking a photo in the same shirt every week and then doing something artsy with the photos for the baby book. Whoops.

Here are some from yesterday (24 weeks). Little man is getting bigger by the week now, and he kicked me so hard yesterday that my whole upper body moved!

(Sorry for the in-the-bathroom-mirror one but it was the only way to take one from further away. No one else was in there when I took the photo – I promise!)

Mothers (to-be) Day, Gardening and The Bump

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers (and mothers-to-be) Day! I had a great weekend with my hubby, who took me to the mall, the movies (we saw Iron Man 3), brought me breakfast in bed and got me a gift certificate to the spa for a pre-natal massage! I’ve never had a massage (of any kind), so I’m super excited.

My parents sent me an adorable card, and my in-laws gave me a rose – so pretty! My co-worker also bought me some flowers and gave me a nice card, which was so sweet.


I have spent a lot of my time the last few weeks in our gardens. Since we moved into our home in October, we weren’t exactly sure what was going to pop up this year, so I was pleasantly surprised by all the beautiful, well-maintained plants that have sprouted this spring!  We have lots of tulips and daffodils, hostas, peonies, hydrangeas, irises, a hibiscus tree, a magnolia tree, and some other flowering bushes that are gorgeous. We also have a flowering tree in our front yard that is full of pretty pink/purple flowers right now, but is starting to drop the petals and have buds show up.


Last but not least, I’ve enlisted Geoff to help with my bump photos, so there won’t be anymore selfie/mirror pics anymore. I’m also going to wear the same striped shirt until I can’t fit into it anymore so it is easier to tell the difference. Now we just have to figure out how to take the photos at the same angle each week because it looks like my bump shrunk a little from last week to this week!

Week 11

Week 11