Meeting our new doctor

Since Geoff and I decided we wanted to go to a different hospital when the time comes, we needed to find another doctor. I found one at a clinic a few blocks from our house, and I had my first appointment with her yesterday.

I think it went really well! She seems to be really focused on nutrition, which is something that is really important to me. She said that since I already did all the blood and urine tests a few weeks ago that she would not repeat them, and she didn’t even have to do a pelvic exam since I had my medical records sent over from my last doctor.

We basically just talked about certain things I had questions about. For example, Geoff and I play in a sand volleyball league twice a week. We are in the “C” league, which is basically just messing around and playing for fun, nothing serious. I asked if I could continue to play, since I barely break a sweat when I play. Her recommendation was to finish up the session then the take a break from playing until the end of my pregnancy.

I also had a lot of nutrition questions, and she pointed me in the direction of a couple different books. More on that when I’ve had a chance to pick them up and take a look at them.

To finish up we set up my next few appointments, including my first ultrasound next week! I’m so excited!! I’m not exactly sure what to expect, but I hope we are able to hear the baby’s heartbeat and maybe even see something (it is now the size of a blueberry).

When did you have your first ultrasound? What were you able to see/hear?

Test results and “being careful”

You’ll be happy to know that our doctor appointment went extremely well! Not only are my hcG levels doubling as they should be, my progesterone levels are nice and high according to my test results.

The bad news is that we are still considered “high-risk.” That means I had to take more tests (blood and urine this time) and I have to be super careful about basically everything ever. That means the new workout routine I’m just starting to get used to is over (for now), and Geoff and I have refrain from “extracurricular activities” for – get this – a MONTH. Neither of us are very happy about it, but my doctor says that it is because it can cause bleeding, which can cause me to worry. So I guess we’ll have to tough it out.