23 Months/Week 19



I’m a talking machine. I’m really starting to be able to speak in full sentences and express what I want. I love to sing songs (Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, anything from Frozen) and dance/skip around. I am starting to potty train and so far it has been pretty successful (especially when mommy and daddy read me the Potty Book). I like to play with trains – my favorite is Percy from Thomas and Friends – and I like to take him with me in my pocket when we go in the car. I’m also getting a jump on helping around the house – I love to vacuum! I like to do things by myself now, especially going up and down the stairs. I make mommy and daddy wait at the top/bottom while I go up/down (“Stop it! Stay!”). Now that mommy has a baby in her tummy I have become very interested in other babies, and make sure I say hi/good morning to the baby everyday. Continue reading

21-22 Months

By now you’ve heard the news – I’m going to be a big brother!! While I’m waiting for my little sister or brother to arrive, I like to give the baby kisses and rub mommy’s tummy to say “hi.” I even got in a little practice for when the baby comes when I met my new friend Johnny. I was very gentle with him because he is a brand new baby. Mommy held him and I helped to hold his feet! Johnny’s mommy and daddy even let me touch his baby hair 🙂

Besides the baby news, I’m just growing faster and faster! I’m speaking in short sentences, and my favorite things to say are, “no,” “stop it” and “don’t.” When the sun gets too bright for me, I say, “No no, sun! Stop it, sun!” and then mommy knows I need my hat/sunglasses. I love to sing, dance and play air guitar in my rocker stance with daddy. I like to pretend I’m a “diner” (dinosaur) and ROAR really loud to scare mommy and daddy.

My favorite toy is still Bear, and I love to bring him everywhere with me. Every night when I go to bed I snuggle up with him while we read books. After we’re done reading, we climb in bed and sign/say “luboo” (love you) to mommy and daddy, and then we “boop” our fingers together to say goodnight. Continue reading

20 Months

I’m doing all the same things as last month, but more and times a bazillion. I’m taller, I say more words and I’m basically a motion blur because I’m moving around so much! This month we went to the 4th of July parade and I got to eat (a tiny piece of) a tootsie roll! CANDY IS YUMMY!! I liked waving my flag to everyone, and it was really cool when the fire engine went by (“woo-wee-woo-wee”). I got to go on a boat and I even jumped off the back right into the water with grandpa! I fished with daddy, went to the Audubon Nature Center with papa and grandma, threw rocks into Lake Michigan with mommy, went on a train for the first time (OMG TRAINS) and I got to see all my aunts and uncles over the course of the month!

Videos from this month:

19 Months

I’m growing big and tall! I’m staying about the same weight and just thinning out, which makes me look more and more like a little kid instead of a baby. I’m running and jumping (sort of) and climbing and digging and playing and MOVING. I can pretty much say any word you throw at me (hamburger, neighbor, pizza, cooking, and lots more), and my vocabulary is constantly growing! Mommy and daddy are amazed at how fast I learn and grow – every day is something new! (As you can see from a few of the photos below, I also learned how to say, “CHEESE!!!!!!” for the camera.)

Videos from this month:

17-18 Months

I’m getting so big and so smart! I know so many words and names. I’m even starting to string words together (more please, help me, daddy walk). Now that the warmer is weather I’ve started playing outside a lot more, which means a lot of scrapes and bruises. I don’t cry much, but when I do all I need is a kiss on my boo boo and it makes it all better so I can keep playing.

Firsts: I got my first haircut, met a horse (named Twinkle), touched a fishy (not too sure about it), tried my fishing by myself, and ran through water fountains for the first time. Most importantly, I learned how to climb out of my crib. That made mommy and daddy nervous, so they got me a new big boy bed and—although it took me about a week to adjust to it—I am sleeping really well now. I even let them sleep in until 6:30 a.m. one time!

Videos from this month: