Week 38: Baby brain, Pinterest projects and decorating the nursery

We missed Halloween by a few weeks, but our little man is now the size of a pumpkin!

We had our weekly doctor appointment on Monday and found out that I’m 50% effaced and almost 2 cm dilated, so at least some sort of progress is happening even if it is minor. I like the idea that the Braxton Hicks contractions are actually taking care of part of the labor for me. Too bad the entire labor and delivery can’t be this easy!

My doc also said that although my platelet levels are low again that she is not concerned at this point. She is having me do one more blood draw on Monday just to monitor the levels, but she said that since my count has been consistently above 100 I should be fine to get an epidural if I want one.

I’ve been super uncomfortable lately since the baby has dropped (doc says he is head down, so that’s good). I haven’t been able to sleep much at night, and the baby brain has kicked in at full force. I think I actually said, “Wow, look at those pretty trees on that tree,” to Geoff the other day. Words are hard when you are sleep deprived, uncomfortable and 38 weeks pregnant, okay you guys?

We are going to the hospital tonight to do our car seat safety inspection, which will be extremely helpful. I have had the car seat sitting sideways in my car for a few weeks now, which is obviously not the best way to install it. It will be really good to have the professionals show us how it is done and give us the peace of mind that the car seat is installed correctly.

We’ve also been adding some final touches to the nursery, including some of the cute decorations from my shower as well as my first Pinterest project! I bought a bunch of cheap black frames and some cute fabric swatches and just taped the fabric into the frames. The entire project cost less than $100 and I think it turned out pretty good – what do you think?

Eva (our cat) is obsessed with the bird mobile. She thinks it is a toy. She was fixated on the thing for about three hours when we first put it up, then started climbing the crib to try and get it! We had to lock her out of the room but that just caused her to sit outside the door crying and scratching at the door. To get her to stop we had to put some balloons in front of the nursery door to scare her away (because balloons are really scary!). I just hope that the baby loves the mobile as much as the cat! 

That’s about all for now… There are two weeks until my due date, so I’m taking bets on what day our little guy will arrive – let me know what you think in the comments!

This week according to What to Expect:

Your Baby in Week 38 of Pregnancy

Hey, your little one isn’t so little anymore, weighing close to seven pounds and measuring 20 inches long. Fetal development is nearly complete as your baby tends to a few last-minute details like shedding the skin-protecting vernix and lanugo. He’s also producing more surfactant, a substance that prevents the air sacs in his lungs from sticking to one another once he starts to breathe. Most of the changes this week are small but important: He’s continuing to add fat (so he can take advantage of all those photo ops by sporting a round, cute baby look!) and fine-tuning his brain and nervous system (so he can deal with all the stimulation that awaits him once he makes his entrance into the world).

Week 38 Pregnancy Tip: Stocking Your Freezer

Have visions of yourself, newly delivered domestic goddess, whipping up gourmet meals in those postpartum weeks? Dream on. Cooking will be the last thing on your mind or your to-do list during those first few weeks (make that months) after delivery. Trust me, fitting in a three-minute shower will trump it for sure, as will using the bathroom when the urge strikes. To avoid serving Cheerios for dinner on a nightly basis (realistically, there will be nights when you will), plan ahead. Do some cooking and stock your freezer now with individually packaged, simple heat-and-serve options that you (or he!) can get on the table in a flash. Label carefully, so you won’t be left with UFOs (unidentified frozen objects). Good candidates for the freezer include hearty soups, stews, and casseroles, as well as mini–meat loaves. Have the baking itch? Satisfy it, and stash away several trays of bran muffins (don’t ask, you’ll need them). Another plan-ahead tip? If you don’t already have your favorite takeouts on speed dial, now’s a good time to enter them.

Week 35: Infant CPR, fancy strollers and an adorable baby shower

I don’t understand these baby/fruit size references… isn’t a butternut squash (34 weeks) bigger than a coconut? At one point it said the baby was the size of a banana so I looked it up and it said the fruit sizes were a reference to how long the baby is.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a 20-inch-long coconut!

How creepy are these CPR babies?

How creepy are these CPR babies?

Geoff and I took Infant CPR class last week, so we will be prepared in case of emergency. I think the class was great, and now if (God forbid) anything ever happens, I don’t think I would panic as much as I would have if I hadn’t taken the class. Let’s be real, I would still be freaking out, but at least we are prepared now!

As I mentioned last week, my sister threw me a baby shower over the weekend, and it was so much fun! Not only was it amazing to have all my wonderful girlfriends in the same room at the same time, but the girls did such a good job with the decorations and the food!! Below are a few photos from the shower so you can see what I’m talking about.

We had cupcakes, pumpkin pie trifles, and yummy snacks, and the room was decorated with garlands made of ties and little circles. There were even tissue paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling throughout the house. They REALLY did a good job. I mean, it was like Pinterest exploded and all the cuteness landed at the shower. Plus I got to take the “oh boy!” sign home with me and I’m going to be hanging it in the nursery – so cute!!

Little man ended up getting a lot of good (and much needed) items from the shower, so I feel a lot more prepared now than I did before. We have one more shower coming up for Geoff’s side of the family, so I’m really looking forward to that now too!

Yes, we practiced with Bear

Yes, we practiced with Bear

Since we were still in need of a carseat (and it is one of the more important baby items), Geoff and I went out shopping and came across the Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Jogger Travel System Stroller. I did some research and it seemed like it is a good one (plus Geoff wanted a jogger), so we ended up bringing it home and setting it up. It seems very easy to fold the stroller, and especially easy to pop the car seat in and out, so that is great, but it is a bit bulky/heavy. We’ll see how it goes I guess! Does anyone else have this particular system or brand? Do you love/hate anything about it?

Only a couple more weeks to go until we get to meet our little guy (two more until I’m technically considered full-term – GAH!). Can you believe it? I’m getting so excited!!

This week according to What to Expect:

A rapidly growing brain makes your baby’s head weigh more and that means more pressure on Mommy’s bladder.

Your Baby in Week 35 of Pregnancy

Your baby is standing tall (so to speak) this week at about 20 inches and continues her steady weight gain (she’s about 5.5 pounds). While she won’t get much longer, she will continue to pack on the pounds — including large amounts of baby fat — right up ’til delivery day. Something else that’s moving at a mind-boggling pace these day: fetal brain development! There’s a lot going on inside that tiny head, which is, by the way, still soft to allow an easier exit through the birth canal.

Your Body in Week 35 of Pregnancy

Now that your baby is head-down in preparation for delivery, chances are your bladder is feeling the squeeze, causing you to leak a little every time you sneeze (or cough or laugh) or making you feel like you have an urgent need to pee all the time. Whatever you do, don’t cut back on fluids! One way to improve your body’s holding power instead: Do lots and lots of those pelvic-floor exercises called Kegels. They can help strengthen your pelvic muscles (important now and postpartum).

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