Week 27: Vacation makes me lazy

Sorry, guys. I totally dropped the ball on getting this post out on time! I was on a lovely week long vacation at my parent’s house on the lake, and I was too lazy and relaxed to post anything last week.

Now I’m back in business, so I figured I should get this out before I run into week 28!

My vacation was perfect. I had super hot weather, which was great for the lake, and when it was too hot to be outside (the humidity was pretty bad) I went shopping with my mom at the MOA. I got a cute little maternity tube dress that I love, plus some fall essentials like sweaters and jeans. Geoff was there with me for the first few days, and we went out on the boat a lot and even managed to squeeze in a trip to the famous Nelson’s Ice Cream shop in my hometown, where a “child size” ice cream is bigger than my head.

Here are a few photos from my trip:

This week according to What to Expect:

Your baby moves on to a whole new growth chart this week, while your swollen feet and ankles may need a growth chart of their own!

Your Baby in Week 27 of Pregnancy

For a baby, it’s time to trade in the old crown-to-rump measurement for a new head-to-toe standard. So what are your baby’s stats this week (which, coincidentally, is the end of the second trimester)? Fifteen inches — more than a foot long — and triple (or even quadruple) what it was in week 12. His weight is creeping up the charts as well, coming in at just over two pounds. More big news: Your baby may recognize your voice by now, so feel free to serenade your belly (start learning those lullabies!).

Your Body in Week 27 of Pregnancy

Puffy? That’s to be expected — about 75 percent of soon-to-be moms experience edema (mild swelling of the hands, feet, and ankles) around this point in pregnancy. That’s because fluids build up in your body tissues thanks (or no thanks) to increased blood flow and uterine pressure on the vena cava (the large vein that cycles blood from your lower limbs to your heart). So while you may have a hard time squeezing into shoes or getting your rings on (or off), keep in mind that the puff factor is completely normal and temporary.

Shopping sucks and Preggie Pop Drops

While I was shopping with my friend Katie at the outlet mall this past weekend I couldn’t resist going into the Motherhood Maternity store and taking a look around. They have a lot of cute stuff there, but although my pants are fitting a little tighter I’m definitely not ready to move into the maternity section.

This is my second trip to different outlet stores in the past two weeks, and it really sucks because I can’t really buy anything! I can’t buy regular clothes that I’ll soon grow out of, and I can’t buy maternity clothes because they are way too big right now! The worst part is that I gave away almost all of my clothes when I lost a bunch of weight, and didn’t replenish the clothes in my closet yet. So I have one pair of jeans, no shorts, two dresses and about 5 shirts that are working for me right now.

On the first shopping trip I settled for getting a blouse-style tank and a maxi dress. The blouse is black and is work appropriate, but I can also wear it out during the summer. The key part is that it floats away from my belly, so I should still be able to wear it for awhile before baby gets bigger. The maxi dress is completely the opposite. It is made of that super soft jersey fabric that sort of clings to you, so it really shows off my teeny tiny bump. It is nice because it has a band around the waist but it is a little higher than other dresses so I’m hoping I can wear it all summer, even when I get bigger. It is navy blue and has lace throughout the straps and neckline. I’m thinking coral or turquoise belt and accessories.

On the second shopping trip I found a green scarf with navy polka dots (love) and a bright pink short sleeved blouse top with ruffles that I think I can wear for awhile longer. This one is a little dressier, so I probably wouldn’t wear it out, but I can definitely wear it to work.

One pregnancy-related item I found in Motherhood Maternity were these hard candies called Preggie Pop Drops (also available online at Target and Walgreens). It seems as though my morning/night sickness is starting to subside anyway (hooray!), but I had heard about them from a friend so I decided to give them a try. All the flavors say there are “sour,” but I really only found the lemon one to be sour – the rest are just more tart (I refuse to try the green apple flavor because GROSS). They don’t seem to be anything more than hard candies, but it is nice to have something like that around when you’re feeling sick. I think pretty much any hard candy would work though.

Have you tried Preggie Pops or Preggie Pop Drops? Did they work for you?

Preggie Pop Drops