Gender Reveal!

IMG_8657We were very excited for our 20 week ultrasound yesterday, where we were able to see our little one moving around again and found out that baby is very healthy. Being able to feel baby moving at the same time that you see it happening on the sonogram is just the weirdest, most amazing experience ever. This time we even got to do the 3D ultrasound so we could see baby’s face – we are already in love!! Continue reading

Almost time for the big reveal!

I’m so excited because tomorrow is the day we will find out if Baby P is a boy or a girl!! We have our ultrasound in the morning, then we’ll do a small gender reveal party for our families in the evening. We’ll let the rest of the world know sometime after that.

Until then, let us know what you think we are having in the poll below! If you buy into any of the old wives’ tales in predicting gender, you can find my results in Baby P’s week 19 update. Continue reading


SPOILER ALERT! Do not continue to read this unless you want to know the baby’s gender! Otherwise, go ahead and scroll down past these adorable little ultrasound photos of baby at 21 weeks (although, I admit, the face one is slightly skeletor-ish).

First, I want to thank everyone who has been super patient with us while we kept the news to ourselves for the last few days. It was so hard to keep the gender from our friends (basically meaning Nate), even for 48 hours. Geoff and I were constantly on our toes since he kept trying to trick us into telling him!

We finally told everyone when we went camping this weekend. We stopped at a fireworks store on the way up to the campsite and picked up some colored sparklers. Then when it got dark and we were all sitting around the fire, I passed around the sparklers to everyone and had them all light them at the same time. There were lots of hugs and congratulations (and shots for those who weren’t pregnant), and we had such a fun night.

And so, without further ado, we are happy to announce that…

It's a boy!

We had grand plans for a cool long-exposure sparkler photo, but we were too caught up in the moment to remember to take one. We have some extra sparklers, so maybe we will still do that so we have something for the baby book, but I didn’t want to make you wait any longer.

Now that everyone knows, we can finally start putting the nursery together, finalizing name ideas, and SHOPPING (well, registering).

P.S. Thanks to everyone who voted on our poll – final results were actually 25 to 18 in favor of a girl.

Week 13 Update

Oh, hello second trimester. You arrived quickly!

I’m sorry I missed out on a bump photo last week – I’m terrible at remembering to take them! I’ll try to remember this weekend. I am literally counting the hours until the weekend since it is a four day weekend for us (Memorial Day on Monday, PTO on Tuesday). We have two Brewers games, a graduation/80’s dance party and lots of relaxing to do.

I also am going to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress this weekend. Not really sure how that is going to work, but cross your fingers for me! Originally when I went to get fitted, I took a pregnancy test before I left for the appointment but the results were negative, so I went ahead and ordered my size 8.

Three days later I took another (positive) test, so I ended up canceling my dress order with the plan to get remeasured at the latest possible date and put a rush on it.

Well, the latest possible date is the end of May, and the bridal shop is about an hour or so away from where I live, so I pretty much need to go up there sometime this weekend. While I do have a tiny bump and my boobs are bigger, I don’t think I’m that much larger than I was before… Hopefully they can provide some guidance as to how many sizes up I should get to make sure I don’t look ridiculous! How big do you think I should get my dress to make sure it fits?

In other news, we’ve scheduled our ultrasound to determine gender for July 17. Only 7 weeks and 6 days to go… Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?

Heartbeat time!

We had our latest doctor appointment this morning, and I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I was really hoping we would get to hear the heartbeat. We only waited a minute or two before they called us in, and then I had to do a urine test to measure glucose and protein levels (apparently this happens every single appointment from now on). They also checked my blood pressure and asked if how I was feeling/if I had any concerns.

Once we got all that out of the way, it was heartbeat time! I was super excited, but the doctor told us not to freak out if she couldn’t find the heartbeat because it is still very early and the baby could be hiding in there. Of course, it took a few minutes for her to find it (and of course I was freaking out), but when she did it was amazing. Geoff and I couldn’t stop smiling! It sounds sort of like “shoop, shoop, shoop,” like someone is whispering.

The doctor said she had to keep readjusting the doppler machine because the baby was moving around so much, and that it actually might have kicked right when we started listening.

I cannot wait until I can feel this little guy/gal moving around in there, but it sounds like I have a good 5-8 weeks to go for that to happen (sometime between 18-22 weeks). Another good thing that happens around that time – we get to find out the gender! I get to schedule my 20-week ultrasound now, and that is the earliest that the doctor can determine gender. Geoff and I talked, and we decided we do want to find out if it is a boy or a girl, so now I can’t wait for that! Just one more thing to look forward to…