A Cute Story

Last night our volleyball game wasn’t until 10:00 p.m., and I was so tired that planned to be asleep by then, so I stayed home.

A few minutes after Geoff left to head to the courts, he called me and said he was just driving along thinking about the baby (awww!) and that he forgot to mention something our friend Nate had said to him earlier that day.

To give you a little back story, Geoff has been friends with Nate since high school. They also went to college and grad school together, and now they work at the same company. So they are very close friends. Nate is also on both of our volleyball teams, so he was one of the people to find out we were preggo last week.

So Geoff and Nate apparently went on a run together and were talking about the baby. Geoff mentioned that my next doctor appointment wasn’t until late May, so Nate asked if he could come along to the doctor! He was just joking around of course, but he is super excited about us having the first baby in our group of friends and he “wants to be involved the entire time.” I love it! I have the best friends.

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